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Children are not their diagnoses.

Developmentally, every child is exactly where they are supposed to be in any given moment in time. Sound radical? It is. This idea of radical acceptance is when we stop fighting reality—and we let the magic happen. It means not letting a diagnosis determine how we approach each child and their future outcome. Radical acceptance isn’t embracing a give-up attitude. Rather, it gives hope because we’re not in a constant state of judging or fighting the situation.

Children's physical therapist Morrisville
Children's physical therapist Morrisville

Why trust me with your child?

As a mom, I know that every child is completely unique—and we all want our children to achieve their individual potential. So, when I initially assess a patient, I’m learning that child’s personality, comfort level, preferences, and motivations. From that foundation, I determine the why behind the problem (sensory component, trunk restrictions, tone abnormalities, muscle weakness, etc.). Next, the parents and I make a plan of action. We’ll collaborate to set expectations and determine goals for the child, and then start the interventions to reach these milestones. Along with radical acceptance, it takes radical courage to push beyond self-limiting boundaries (a child’s and our own) and work outside the comfort zone. But this is where goals are achieved. After 22 years in the field of pediatric physical therapy, my threefold purpose is simple: treat the individual child, educate and empower the parents, and reach outcomes that are important to the family unit…and do it all with empathy and compassion.

We have been working with Dana for about three months, starting right after our daughter turned one year old. She is a great communicator prior to, during, and after appointments, and she’s always been punctual and efficient. Dana works well with our daughter—very in tune to her needs, while pushing her to get stronger and more comfortable with new tasks. Our daughter enjoys her sessions, and I feel she also trusts Dana, even as she works to extend her comfort zone with each session. Dana makes the appointments fun, functional, and interactive. We see the progress they are making and know our daughter is stronger and more confident due to the PT sessions. We consider it a blessing to have Dana provide in-home care for our daughter.
Shane and Melissa Hodge
Dana is truly amazing. My daughter has seen Dana for a few years now and what a transition. I’m just in awe at what she can do for my daughter. Dana is wonderful with kids—they really respond to her. She is attentive, responsive, and very thorough. I highly recommend Dana—she’s the best!
Allie Hartnett
Dana has been our therapist since our daughter was born, and it has been incredible how well we have progressed and learned with her—she is the best. We are very grateful to have found her as a therapist and consider her part of the family.
A. C
As a parent, you want to know that your child is developing as they should. So, when our daughter wasn’t actively walking at 18 months old, we got concerned. We didn’t know what to expect when we set out to find a physical therapist for her. We did a consult with Dana and liked her right away. She has done a really great job at working with our daughter. She’s very caring and nurturing, and she meets your child right where they are. Dana observes your child, inquires what goals you want to accomplish, and sets up a plan to meet those goals. She is very dedicated to her job and clearly loves what she does. We highly recommend the services she provides. Thank you, Dana for all you do!
Eric and Quentin Burgess
Dana is a great therapist! She is knowledgeable, kind, and caring. It’s very convenient that she comes to the house, and appointment times fit my schedule. My son is always so happy to see her, and he has improved so much since starting physical therapy with her. I highly recommend Dana!
Samantha Robison

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