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Child's Abilities

Physical therapy is a taking comprehensive look at a child’s abilities, past medical history, and contributing factors to a delay in gross motor skills, and then making a plan of care to reach specific goals. I work closely with families through every step of the process, ensuring alignment—which is what enables ultimate success

In my 22 years as a physical therapy professional, I’ve gathered a toolbox of interventions and ideas to treat my patients’ unique needs. Along with a neurology-specific background, I combine AKAP Way Stretching and the principles of Cuevas Medek Exercises while incorporating basic strengthening principles.

PT Evaluations

  • Both in-person and virtual PT evaluations are available for North Carolina residents.
  • I work very closely with East Point Orthotics (Raleigh, NC) to assess bracing needs, including foot braces (SMOs, AFOs) or helmets to treat plagiocephaly.
  • Intensives are available for kiddos who could benefit from a strong jumpstart, have plateaued, or just need a little extra help. These are These are one-, two-, or three-week intensives, with two one-hour visits per day.
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